Thursday, February 25, 2010

I repeat, I repeat: Don't repeat!

No, I haven't stopped writing my blog. It's only been five days, come on!

Since my last blog, two of my kiddos have had birthdays (they are the lights in my life and I am honored to be their mother), I've worked as a production assistant on a short film, in addition to a medical refresher course that I MUST attend (while I am waiting to make it to the big times of actually taking a vacation and NOT go into debt), created a powerpoint presentation that I must present on Maintaining Motivation in Your Staff (that I am being sent to South Carolina to deliver), plus worked my regular forty hours a week and trained a staff on a new computer program being issued in my department. My so-called "real job". Sounds busy?

Tomorrow, I'm off to be in a documentary called "Poisoned Apples" about bad and really mean teachers. I get to vent! Get ready world!  The best part about this is that my kiddos get to be in it as well. They're stoked. They can say they've been in a movie AND had a speaking role.

SO. What wonderful pearl of wisdom can I share with you today?

Don't repeat yourself. Never ever ever ever. If you say:

Bob runs to the counter. Searches register. Empty. Bob runs to the back. Finds cash. Hauls it out of there.

It sounds okaaaaaayyyy, but the word runs is in there twice. Which makes it boring. Why not sprints? Jogs? Hauls butt?

Don't limit your vocabulary! The world is at your fingertips and you wanna repeat!?!?

I repeat, I repeat: Don't repeat!
Just so you know, this is what he wanted for his birthday. He takes after his MOM!!!

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