Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Pat On The Back!

Just got in from a screenwriter's group meeting.

I met two people who knew what they were talking about. The jury is out on the third. He didn't bring any writing samples and he didn't say anything. But, he did order chili.

I gave the guys the first fifteen pages of my action flick. Since this was my first meeting with them, they didn't know what to expect.  (I didn't either. This was MY first screenwriter group meeting other than my classes).

I told them to gut my script if necessary and that I was open to suggestions. So they read it. And then the questions:

How long have you been writing?  (This can be good OR bad when asked. I suggest watching body language when they ask. You can tell alot from someone's shoulders and eyebrows.)

Why did you use all caps for this word?

Why don't you expound a little on what the bad guy does in this line....

And that was it. It took ten minutes. They stared at me.

I blinked.

I think my body language said something to the effect of, "That's it?

The younger guy said, "I know we're being nitpicky about the caps and little stuff. But, it's because this is so extremely well written. There's nothing wrong with this."

A verbal pat on the back to me! Yay! I will enjoy this for tonight. Thursday, however, I take my fifteen pages before the jury of my peers and mentor. Will it get gutted? Oh, no doubt. Am I up for that? Sure! It's all good. How else can I learn?

But that's another blog. For now, I'm enjoying my pat on the back.

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