Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Alabaster Phoenix

Last shots of The Alabaster Phoenix take place tomorrow night and I couldn't be happier.  This short film has been a first on a few levels.

First of all, our director, Tala Hobballah makes her directorial with this film. Tala is my co-producer on my projects and mentioned she wanted to start directing.  This was the perfect film for her to ease into the director's chair:  a silent film with only a few words spoken at the end.

Our crew are members of a filmmaker's meetup.  They all have strengths they bring to the table.  We have a DP we've never worked with, and he's had some great ideas.  Our AD sometimes needs to be reeled in from breaking out into song, but all in all, he's a keeper.  Our producers, Dudley and Michael have done very well in securing sites for filming as well as helped out on actual shoots, whether it's holding the boom, moving the dolly, or racking focus for the camera. Team effort, you know.  Our resident newbie, Jon, has been almost in every possible crew position and has done a wonderful job. He is even in a scene (along with yours truly!).  We've had some folks come in and volunteer as PAs, David and Tracey... they have been fabulous to have on site.

From here, it goes to editing.  From editing, it goes to scoring.

I am SUPER excited that our musical composition is going to be scored by David Gaines.  This is such a blessing to me because:

  1. he writes gorgeous music
  2. he's my high school choir accompanist that everyone loved
I'm so glad to be able to utilize his gifts for a project that I created.  That give me a warm fuzzy when I think about it. 

On top of that, Buffi Holland, one of my best friends in the universe, has the role of our hero, Ellen Mayhall and she brings her to life just like I knew she would: authentic, genuine, effortless. 

I'm excited to finish it up. :)

Stay tuned! :D