Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sometimes The Best Writing Is The Simplest!

So I went to see my 9 year old's class play called, Pirates! The Musical!

He had a speaking part this year so we (the entire family) were THRILLED. (My 9 year old has special needs. This was HUGE.)

And before I finish and actually get INTO what I'm trying to write about, let me just say, he did great and of course, was amazing. But then again, he's related to me!

Now to the crux of my blog:

As the third graders were singing their swashbuckling hearts out, I checked the program. The script was written by John Jacobson!

John Jacobson was a choreographer for Disney at one point. He did the choreography for the shows and parades. When Tokyo Disney opened, they flew him out and gave him a house while he prepared the performers. I tell you this because this same John Jacobson ALSO did the choreography for my high school show choir. His energy was amazing and was a super fun guy to hang around. We all loved him.

Now he's writing scripts. And MY children are performing them.

It's the simplest thing. A well placed 'Argh!' and the audience rolled. One little 'Avast!' and the entire scene changed.  Of course the acting was stellar by all the third graders (although mine would have walked away with an Oscar). But how could they act if no one had written the parts for the King of the High C's? Or Purplebeard? Or the Stowaways?

I learned that sometimes you don't really HAVE to say that much in order to get your point across. Less is more. At least sometimes.

AND I learned that John Jacobson NEVER rests!

I know this wasn't a very technical post. I wanted to brag on my shining star son. I was pretty excited to see John's name on my little's ones program. It's super personal when you know the guy, y'know? Argh!!

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  1. All natural things are simple even if they hard for understanding