Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Paris With Love, Baby!

I went to see "From Paris With Love" on opening night. Loving the movie, "Taken" as much as I do (as Will says, it's a rocket sled on rails!) I was uber excited to see where Pierre Morel would take it. (He directed both movies). Plus, I respect John Travolta's acting abilities. It's always good to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers on the silver screen too!

The movie was good, I'd say, but what I was personally impressed with was the writing of John Travolta's character, Charlie Wax. Charlie's an unconventional CIA agent whose methods are a bit unorthodox. The character knows his stuff and is fun to watch. Nothing is lost on him. He's contraversial. He's fun. He knows different variations of swear words and explains each one. He's definitely an interesting character. John Travolta plays him well. It was an enjoyable movie. (I admit, I liked "Taken" more, though).

But it's all about character! Wax is a tough as nails, go getter. Meyers plays the role of James Reece, a low level operative that wants to make it to the big time. Wax and Reece are great opposites...Wax has experience, Reece has none. Wax spends time with prostitutes, Reece is loyal to his girlfriend. They have a good ying/yang polar opposite dynamic.

Which is great for a script!

Just remember, each character has to have their own voice, their own feel, because they must be, and I stress, MUST be a living, breathing, character in your script. Each character has his own motive, his own desires, his own style. Charlie Wax has that in "From Paris With Love". His character is great!

Go see it and tell me what YOU think!!

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