Monday, March 8, 2010

New Project Afoot!

My 28+ days of pain are over!!!

I have now had one complete off day and I slept for HOURS. I’ve caught up on a month of sleep deprivation and let me tell you, it feels good. Sleep is wonderful for rejuvenation. Which brings me to my next sleep-depriving activity.

A 24 hour short film contest.

I’ve never participated in one of these before. It was brought up in my class, and I though **foolishly** to myself, “How hard can it be? It’s a short film and I know people.”

I wrote a short script in a half hour (and let me tell you, it’s Oscar bound), lined up a cast, even got the location set when…*cue dramatic music*…the RULES were sent to me. Actually, they make sense since it IS a 24 hour contest.

On March 19, I will with my team to get my equipment (everyone gets the same stuff). From there, I will get an envelope. In the envelope is one line of dialogue and a genre. I am also given a prop. I’m told there will be one more twist thrown in, but we’ll find out that day what it is. From the moment my envelope is opened, I will have 24 hours to write, secure locations and actors, direct, produce and edit the movie. I must turn in a complete short film on DVD by 6pm March 20. Screenings directly follow.

Needless to say, I’m excited. I’ve never done a short film before, and at this point, honestly wondering if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Not that I don’t think I could deliver a short film. I know I can. It’s the 24 hour deadline I’m concerned about.

My crew consists of my fellow employees who also have never done anything like this before. I get to train them. This should be interesting.

I have to remember to have fun. Anything to do with something like this and I set the bar really REALLY high for myself. My fear is that I’ll turn into a film Nazi or something like that, making my entire crew hate me….I’m usually pretty cool to hang around and do my best to make things fun, so I really hope that’s just a silly thought.

Could this experience be used for a future feature length script? Hm……

I’ll make sure to post the end result here. Wish me luck!

As I close this, Kathryn Bigelow has created history by becoming the first female to win in the Best Director category for the Academy Awards.  Congrats, Kathryn!

This night is such a magical time...people around the nation will stand before mirrors with shampoo bottles or hairbrushes and practice their acceptance speeches. I know this, because I've done it. It's a night for dreamers...where people wish upon a star for something bigger than themselves to take root and come to fruition.  I know, because I'm a fellow wisher.

So, to everyone who has a dream: Keep dreaming! For everyone who has something to day: Keep speaking! Keep creating! Keep making films, or music, or scripts, or whatever it is you do that sparks that fire deep within.

We would be lost if people stopped dreaming. So don't give up! Press on!

If you think you're small, you're small. If you think you're defeated, you're defeated. If you think you OWN those Oscars, guess what?  You will.

See you on the red carpet!

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