Monday, March 15, 2010

Gearing Up!

In four days, I will get my short film assignment. I will have 24 hours to return my results.
I am a perfectionist when it comes to my craft.

I work way too hard.

I sleep too little.

I obsess.

Why am I telling you this?

I have never never never ever shot a short film before.

Am I nervous? Yes. I have no idea what to expect! Do I feel over my head? You betcha! But you know, every archer who picked up the bow and arrow for the first time, had to do just that: PICK IT UP.

And so I shall. So should you!

Short films are a great way to hone your skill, your timing, your work ethic…and the scripts are just darn easy.  Where a feature length script must have (well, okay, it doesn’t HAVE to, but the majority do) a three act structure, A + B storylines, a short doesn’t need that.

All you must do is capture a moment. That’s it! One moment and your short’s a hit!

I have no clue what mine is going to be about yet. Oh the joy of entering a competition. But this I know:

I will put every ounce of my being into it. I will work my tail off. And I will have fun.

And of course, post the end result here!

On another note, I'm back from the conference in South Carolina. My presentation went well. I had a full ballroom of people. (I was only expecting ten)! Got home Saturday night with the sniffles and crud. Yesterday, knocked out fifteen pages on my script (action sequences are fun to write) and couldn't fall asleep last night. Insomnia. Bleah. Doing better though. My fever from the crud has broken and prayerfully I'm on to better things tomorrow!

I know you, my loyal fan, are concerned for my well being, which is why I have shared that. Thank you for being supportive of me during my sniffles and feeling like I've been run over by a bus.

Look for more about my short film soon!

Stay tuned and keep writing!
While I was in Columbia, SC, my hubby and I went to the zoo there. They have koalas! I was able to talk to this little guy and get him to pose for pix. Isn't he gorgeous? I want to keep him!

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