Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Short Film Adventure Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I get the stuff to make my short film. I am extremely excited.

Still don’t know the genre I will be given.

Still don’t have the prop they are to give me. (They being the stellar school I am currently linked with and ever so grateful for these outstanding opportunities).

Still don’t have a script.

But I’m eager. I have a Production Coordinator that has agreed to spend the entire night filming the short with me. I have a crew. I have a small ensemble of actors ready to go.

I’m ready. I can do this. In the immortal words of my awesome cousin Carol: “I’m not asceared.” I am ready! Let’s make a movie! Whooooo hooooooo!

On to even BETTER NEWS!

I received an email today:

“I’m working with a visiting filmmaker, Alberto Fuguet, on a digital short he’s making during his time here at Vanderbilt. He’s a famous novelist and an experienced director (whose films have shown at the Rotterdam fest) - and he’s working on a cool new filmmaking concept he calls “garage cinema.” Basically, it’s a guerilla approach to filmmaking that involves the use of a still camera to surreptitiously shoot films. Shooting video with a still camera definitely seems to be the wave of the future and a cool way to make great films on a shoestring budget. Which is what we’re hoping to do. We’re beginning to prep the project now and will begin shooting on 3/29 (wrapping on 4/4).

“Will Akers recommended you as a stellar PA. And we’d love your help. Would you be interested in joining our gang of merry pranksters? If so, could you please share your schedule/availability with me? I’m putting together a crew list and would like to include that information so we can begin figuring out logistics. Thanks!”

Um….YEAH! I would LOVE to work as a PA!!! I’m slotted to assist the last week in March and up until Easter. I am STOKED!

Things are looking swell and uber sweet for me!

I’ll keep you posted!

Next week I will have the opportunity to interview Linda Woolverton, screenwriter of the newly released Alice in Wonderland. Hopefully I will have some helpful tidbits and help!

Keep writing, keep dreaming!

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