Friday, April 9, 2010

How Very Interesting...

A nice man named Chris came to class yesterday. He's worked extensively in Hollywood as a writer.  We really got to pick his brain.

Of all the nuggets of wisdom he shared, this was my favorite, and you, lucky fan, shall have it passed to you!

He said in regards to writing: "The more you're paid in Hollywood, the less of a voice you have."

"If you are hired by a studio, it's because they want you to script their idea. If you want to have a voice, stick with independent film companies."

Very sobering.

It all relates to happiness. Think about it! Can you write stuff you really don't give a rip about for half a million dollars? Would you be happy doing that?  Or are you the type that absolutely MUST write what's in your heart every single time?

Me? I look at writing jobs as mountains to climb, races to win, and victories to pursue. It's where your heart is.

No matter what you write, a director WILL see it differently. And he/she WILL see it differently from the producer. Does that matter to you? Will it grate on you to see a different version of what you had rolling around in your head? If that keeps you awake at night, perhaps you DO need to pursue smaller and independent companies. But's it's completely up to you.

Where is your heart?


  1. Well said... where are the party stories?? LOL

  2. It's probably best for me to keep it quiet right now...since I'm trying to get INTO Hollywood...! Party stories after I reach celebrity status!