Monday, April 26, 2010

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in the theater yesterday.

What an amazing storyline and plot! Extremely complex, and dazzling to comprehend. Sure they left out a character from the book (and not I’m not telling you which one) but that’s par for the course.

What I really wanted to draw your attention to is the character of Lisbeth Salandar, played masterfully by Nooma Rapace.

You’re shocked when you first see her, but over a series of extremely harsh events, understand why she is the way she is. She’s an incredible character. She’s tough, she doesn’t take crap from anyone, but she’s also extremely intelligent… and extremely likable. Kudos to the screenwriter for capturing that from the book!

Currently the movie is being rewritten for Hollywood, and there are rumors swarming that Brad Pitt will play one of the main characters, if not the lead. I’m interested to see who they will bring in for Lisbeth. I don’t think Angelina could pull this one off as well as Nooma did. Maybe they can just keep her in the role and she can speak English…? Who knows. By the time it actually makes it to production it will have circled Hollywood a few thousand times.


I can’t see how Hollywood could make this movie any better.

So, if you get the chance to see this movie, go see it. Be warned: This movie is NOT one for the kids.

Tell me what you think about it.

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