Saturday, December 5, 2015

Grant Awarded by Women In Film and Television

Hello dear ones,

Please forgive my absence. I've had a myriad of diversions occur, one of which is the passing of my father. We have been adjusting to the new normal, so thank you for your patience.

Last night was a wonderful celebration, an event put on by Nashville's Women In Film and Television at Skyway Studios. It was a huge success and you could tell hard work paid off.

I was awarded their annual Finishing Grant!

The grant is awarded to a woman who has produced or directed a film in Tennessee. Lucky for me, I wrote, directed, AND produced my film in Tennessee and it's also SAG AFTRA.  The name of  the short film is STOLEN and stars Buffi Holland, Todd Vance, and Carla Christina Contreras. The film follows the psychological breakdown of both parents as they await news of their abducted daughter. This film is truly my baby, as I am taking my sweet time in making sure it's as perfect as possible. When it's complete, I will submit it to Sundance and Cannes and any other festival I can.

But only when it's ready.

So, let me publicly thank Women In Film and Television for the grant. Thank you so much for believing in me and in my project. It's not an honor that I take lightly. I am truly grateful, and the monies bestowed will be used on the coloring and the sound design. Anything left over will go to the festival fees. Thank you for helping make me make movies that matter.

I must take a moment to continue my thanks, because I never would have gotten this grant if it wasn't for my team.

I must thank my actors. Without you, STOLEN would not be a viable project to consider pushing for festivals. You are effortlessly magical, each one of you, and I'm eternally grateful you agreed to be on the project.

Buffi: Your performance brings those who watch it to tears every time. Proud isn't an adequate word I can use to describe my feelings about your work. I hope this catapults you into bigger and better things. You deserve it!

Todd: A big toast of thanks to you, my friend. Not only for our set, but your incredible performance. You captured the essence of your character and then some. I'm so grateful you agreed to be a part of my little film. It's better because you did! I hope this opens more doors for you.

Carla Christina:  If it wasn't for you, we never would have gotten SAG AFTRA status! Thank you for being such a consummate professional, and friend. You make it so easy to direct. Your insight into characters and organic performance is what makes me love what I do. Effortless acting, effortless directing.

To my DP: Thank you so much, Bengy del Villar, for your insight and honesty in all you do. I can implicitly trust you, and that, my friend is golden.

To my AD: Emily Steele Van Brocklin you are a joy to work with. With all the hats you wear, it's no surprise that we gel together so well. Thank you for helping create something we will be proud of.

To my crew: Nothing could have been done without you, and I don't forget such things. As this film progresses, it's my prayer that it will be something you will be able to brag about, that you worked on the set of STOLEN, and that more work will flow your way.

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