Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BACKGROUND! The TV drama I'm producing!

I've been working and working and working on living the dream. Why? Because honestly, I've been dealt a pretty crappy hand in life, and I want to show my kids that if you focus, work hard, and don't give up, you can create your own future.

Hopefully, BACKGROUND! will be part of it.  BACKGROUND! is a television drama series created by Joe Carroll to bring the life of "extras" on a set from the background to the foreground. I had the wonderful privilege of producing this amazing work.

Currently, we are awaiting to see which network is housing it. We are set to release 2015.  Our goal is to have an unknown cast, because, isn't that the point of the show?  We want to use our local talent, too, and get them the recognition they have been fighting for and deserve.  We're SO proud of everyone that is a part of this show.

We'd LOVE to have you be a part of our social media outreach, too!  Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @BACKGROUND_TV  and Facebook:

ALSO!  If you have any pix of yourself on a set, please upload them to twitter or facebook!  #BACKGROUND_TV  and #InTheBackground  

If you have stories, feel free to share! This experience is interactive! We want you to know, that you're NOT cattle in our eyes! YOU DESERVE TO BE NOTICED!!!!


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