Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Rest For Me!

I feel like I need to keep you, my most loyal fans, updated with what is going on with me!

First of all, THE HABITUAL LIAR, the screenplay that I adapted and directed came out extremely well. I learned a lot on this shoot. Like, don’t let anyone upload your favorite footage because it could become corrupted and you might not ever see it again. Or, your sound guy needs to be extremely aware that the mics take the rectangle batteries and not AA’s. Ugh!

Here is the finished result:

The Habitual Liar from Atomic Jello Productions on Vimeo.

The production starts Leslie Li Voorheis, Emily Byrd, Danielle Ivery, Keagan Haney, Lucy Turner, Stephen Cornwall, and Kim Kinsley. They are all very talented and I was priveledged to have them for my cast. I can't say enough about each of them.

For the month of February, I have been made the Assistant Director of a short film written by Hillary Schoelzel and Will Akers, with Will directing.

As they further along their story by rewriting drafts, I throw in my two cents. Sometimes they take it, sometimes they don’t. I’ve been working as a bit of a person of all trades on this one.

I location scouted a couple of days ago. An extremely nice couple allowed me to take pictures inside of their home and were willing to allow us to shoot anytime we needed. Is it the right set? Not sure. Director’s call.

I’m extremely busy! So, if you don’t hear from me in March, know that I am living the dream… not sleeping and working my butt of for some street credit! I have NOT forgotten you all! :)

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